Engine Sludge Problem?

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Muck, slime, gunk, crud, and scum are all synonyms for sludge. There’s not one nice, positive word in the bunch. That’s because there isn’t anything nice about sludge, especially when it’s oozing all around your vehicle’s engine. It forms when the motor oil starts deteriorating and then turns into a dark, jelly-like substance. Once it takes hold, it stops at nothing. It wreaks havoc on everything, including your bank account, hence why it is so important to not let it get to that point. Oil changes every 5,000 to 10,000 miles are essential in preventing engine sludge. Carriage Traders Auto Repair in South Glen Falls has just the team of automotive experts you need!

What Causes the BreakDown of Motor Oil?

Frequent stop and go driving and poor maintenance are the leading causes of engine sludge build-up. Both instances are unhealthy for a car’s engine. When the motor oil is exposed to high temperatures and oxygen, it starts to break down. The once free-flowing emollient turns into a thick, sticky mess. Once this happens, it can no longer perform its most essential function, which is lubricating the engine and all of its components. If the parts can’t move easily, the friction will lead to wear and tear, causing further damage. One bad thing leads to another. So again, be sure to have your oil changed regularly.

Catching the Culprit

Prevention is the best medicine for your engine, but we all know life can sometimes run us off track. When this happens, we unintentionally neglect to take care of some very important duties. So, if you happen to notice your vehicle isn’t putting out the power it is typically known for, or if the engine warning light comes on, schedule an appointment with a professional auto shop and have them look under the hood. If their diagnosis is an engine sludge problem, you’ll want them to get right to work flushing out the gunk. The cost will vary depending on how severe the problem is. Whatever your situation is, Carriage Traders Auto Repair will be happy to work with you in your time of need.

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