Everything You Need to Know to Pass Inspection

NY State Vehicle Inspection Guidelines

Want to Streamline Your Next Inspection?

We know, we know, vehicle ownership takes a lot of time! There’s maintenance, repairs, tire changes, oil changes, state inspections, registration, and more. At Carriage Traders Auto Repair in South Glens Falls, New York, we aim to streamline your inspection process and make taking care of your car easy. We want to help our drivers pass their inspections the first time, so we’re covering the major inspection points. We frequently (and unfortunately) have to fail vehicles for simple oversights like windshield wiper condition and functional seat belts. Be sure to check that your vehicle has everything in order before your next inspection to save time and stress!

Common Reasons Drivers Fail Inspection

Seat Belts

For vehicles model year 1969 and newer, each seat must have a functioning and anchored seat belt. If one is broken or if the airbag warning light is illuminated on the dashboard, the vehicle won’t pass.


During a state inspection, our technicians remove wheels to closely inspect brakes. We want to see that parts aren’t worn out, leaking, loose, or otherwise in poor condition. If you are due for brake service, it’s best to take care of that before heading into inspection.


In the state of New York, tires must meet specific safety standards for safe road operation. Tread depth must be at least 2/32 of an inch and tire pressure must meet the manufacturer’s recommendation. Visible signs of wear including bumps, tears, punctures, or bulges will not pass inspection. If it’s time for new tires, install the new set prior to your test.


Take a moment to walk around your vehicle prior to inspection and check for any dead bulbs. A faulty headlight, tail light, turn signal, reverse light, or license plate light will cause your vehicle to fail its inspection. This is an easy to fix before your test!

Carriage Traders Auto Repair is your certified inspection station in South Glens Falls, New York. Remember to check with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for more information on state-mandated safety inspections, including when you will need one! Contact us with further questions about the testing process or for preemptive repairs!

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