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Time For an Oil Change?

The oil change is the most important maintenance service for your vehicle. However, it’s probably the most overlooked. Vehicle owners know that their engine will break down permanently if they don’t change the oil, but they fail to realize the benefits of a consistent oil change schedule. The engine needs lubrication that keeps the engine’s metal parts from colliding and creating friction. This friction leads to overheating and overworking because the motor oil is constantly being broken down. Poor oil viscosity means that oil has gone from a syrupy consistency to a watery one. Carriage Traders Auto Repair in South Glens Falls, NY helps you maintain clean and effective oil and oil filters. Oil contamination from dirt and debris will send your engine into early retirement. Even if your engine does survive an inconsistent oil change schedule, it will not be at peak performance.

Improve Gas Mileage Efficiency

Our goal is to help you retain the resale value of your vehicle, which means making sure you’re able to drive effectively for as long as you need it. Many drivers are surprised after years of road travel that their vehicle is not suitable to sell; at least not for as much as they’d hoped to sell it. The engine is the key to making sure your vehicle is still valuable and ready for the road. And the oil change is the key to making sure the engine is healthy. Our team uses the best quality motor oils for all lube services. Your vehicle may need synthetic, standard oil, or a blend depending on your vehicle’s age and your driving habits. Let the team at Carriage Traders Auto Repair provide you with an oil maintenance schedule that protects and preserve your vehicle’s quality engine performance. You’ll also notice that your wallet is a little heavier when you leave the gas station with a consistent lube service schedule.

Schedule Your Oil Change Today!

Our oil changes and oil filter changes will make all the difference in your vehicle’s overall performance and longevity. We’re here to extend your vehicle’s road-life, and the easiest way to do that is to provide an effective oil change schedule. We’ll consider your vehicle’s age and the manufacturer’s recommendations when designing the appropriate lube service schedule. Carriage Traders Auto Repair is an expert service facility that performs routine maintenance with the same excellence that it performs complex repairs. We maintain the highest service standards which we refuse to fall below. If it’s time for your next oil change, give us a call. We’ll make sure your vehicle is on the appropriate oil change schedule. Our team is waiting for you at 1726 Route 9. To speak with one of our friendly experts give us a call at (518) 745-7014.

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