Paint & Dent Repair in South Glens Falls, NY

Removing Dents, Dings, and Scratches--Carriage Traders Auto Repair

Complete Bodywork & Paint Services

Whether you need new paint due to an accident or you simply need of an upgrade, the experts at Carriage Traders Auto Repair can give your car a beautiful new coat of paint. Our shop uses the latest in paint-match technology to ensure a flawless match to your current paint job. Paint jobs are needed for a variety of reasons. It could have been a runaway shopping cart or an errant car door in a parking lot. Either way, you no longer have the smooth, shiny, and flawless paint job that you once had. Let us provide you with the paint services that will erase those unsightly blemishes and scratches to your paint job. If you simply want a new look, our team can help you find that perfect color and finish that you envisioned.

Finding the perfect paint for you and your vehicle can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Bring your vehicle to Carriage Traders Auto Repair today for an estimate and a consultation. Our team has years of experience and will be more than happy to provide you with the excellent service you and your vehicle deserve.

Fixing Your Dents–All Hail, Rocks, and Highway Debris Damage

From hail to auto accidents, your vehicle can get dented and scratched in many ways and to varying degrees. These incidents can result in anything from a minor paint scratch to large dents. This damage can affect the look and value of your vehicle, making it less appealing and less enjoyable to drive. Let us return your vehicle to the looks that originally attracted you to it. No need to overlook your vehicle’s small but unsightly damages when our expert dent repair technicians can fix it all today!

Normal road travel will lead to wear-and-tear on your vehicle’s body. Sometimes it can be hard to avoid these unfortunate accidents, but fortunately they couldn’t be easier to fix. Our expert team of dent repair specialists have decades of experience working with all makes and models of vehicles, and performing top-notch dent repairs. We make those minor or major impacts to your vehicle’s body disappear.

Schedule Your Paint & Dent Repair Service

By using the latest innovative technology, Carriage Traders Auto Repair can ensure fast and accurate repairs to your vehicle. Our expert team can repair all parts of your vehicle, from doors to hoods, fenders and everything in between. Our goal is to return your car to its former glory. Carriage Traders Auto Repair has the latest tools and the most well-trained technicians to bring your vehicle back to upstanding condition. Bring your vehicle in today or call us at (518) 745-7014 for an estimate.