When To Change Your Motor Oil

You Have to Do It, But When?

Changing your oil is one of the realities of owning a car. It would be best if you did it at least once per year, often more frequently than that. The conventional wisdom was every 3,000 miles. However, this is old hat. Following this advice could be causing you to make unnecessary oil changes or too few changes, depending on the oil and your driving habits.

How Often Should You Do an Oil Change?

As with many automotive matters, the question of oil change frequency is complicated by several factors. The vehicle you drive, how you drive it and what type of oil you use can all impact the number of miles you can put on your engine between an oil change.

The best way to know when you should be changing your oil is to check your owner’s manual. Use the recommended oil type and viscosity and follow the included maintenance schedule. Manufacturers spend a lot of time ensuring that their maintenance plans are well-suited to their vehicles.

Most manufacturers recommend oil changes at some standard intervals. These are the most common options:

  • Every 1,000 miles
  • Every 3,000 miles
  • Every 5,000-7,500 miles
  • Every 10,000-15,000 miles

Additionally, it is a good idea to change your oil every six months, even if you are not reaching the mile-based intervals. This is because the oil degrades over time, even if you aren’t driving a lot.

When Should You Change More Regularly?

As mentioned above, it is best to follow your manufacturer-recommended intervals. However, this should be considered a minimum regularity. In some cases, you may want to increase your oil change frequency based on your driving habits.

In particular, if you drive as many short trips (10 minutes or less), your engine may not be getting hot enough to boil off the condensation that can degrade your oil. Additionally, if you start your engine a lot, it may cause additional wear. In these cases, you may want to change your oil as often as every 1,000 miles.

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